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The Process

As part of our estate liquidation services, our company provides consulting services to help you determine the best approach to the liquidation of your estate.  The first ½ hour is at no charge.  Our consulting charge after first ½ hour is $150/hour.


In our initial consultation with you, we can:

  • Discuss the current market for your personal property to be sold

  • Recommend appropriate disposition of items and whether Unexpected Treasures is a good fit for you

  • Determine which types of services may best fit your needs


We sit down with you to map out a plan that fits the needs of your family.  We will help you know what to expect before the process begins:  how we can minimize the time it takes, the cost to you, and the impact on your family.


Once we have determined a plan of action with you, and you agree, we sign a letter of agreement and set a schedule with you. 


Your job is to decide what you are keeping and to take it all away.  Leave everything else.  Do not throw anything away.


Once you are finished taking your things from the house, we can begin.  We go through the entire house and property to make sure nothing is missed.  Our careful approach often will turn up something unanticipated:  a lost family document, an item of unexpected value, even cash.


As you instruct us beforehand, we save some things for the family, prepare other items for sale, and arrange to donate or haul away the rest.  Our broad network of experts are called in as needed to appraise, organize, and prepare for sale.


At the end of the process, you will receive a detailed report of the disposition of your property.

Judy Johnson
Unexpected Treasures


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